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JOHN HANSEN Production Designer    •   Gersh Beverly Hills  Barbara Halperin 310-205-5832

Cell 917.855.1188 / 323.851.2245                                                                                                                                                         



GREENLEAF - Production Designer • Permanent Sets & • Series

Show Runner: Craig Wright / Producer Director: Clement Virgo / Exec. Producer: Oprah Winfrey

Line Producers: Gerrit Van Der Meer,  Salli Newman /  Producer UPM: Al Dickerson

Lionsgate  / OWN Network 

LOVE BY THE  10th DATE - Production Designer • Movie 

Writer - Director: Nzingha Stewart / Executive Producers:  Wendy Finerman

Exec. Producers:  Lisa Zupan / Line Producers: Lina Wong

Lifetime Movie 

FULL CIRCLE MIAMI - Production Designer • Permanent Sets & • Series 

Show Runner, Director: Nick Hamm / Executive Producer: Sabrina Eisenstadt 

Director: Stephen Gyllenhaal / Line Producers UPM: John Foy / Producer UPM: Mark Moran

Direct TV

HIT THE FLOOR  -  Production Designer • Permanent Sets & • Series

Creator, Show Runner, Producer: James LaRsosa / Executive Producer: Bryan Johnson 

Producers UPM: Maria Melograne / Producers UPM: Kenneth Silverman / Directors: Various 

Paramount Television - VH-1 / BET

WITH THIS RING  - Production Designer • Movie

Writer-Director: Nzingha Stewart / Executive Producer: Tracey Edmonds

Executive Producer: Sheila Duckworth 

Lifetime Movie 

REVENGE - Production Designer • Permanent Sets & • Series                                                                                       

Creator, Show Runner: Mike Kelley / Producer Director: Matt Earl Beesley,

Producer Director: Sanford Bookstaver / Directors: Various                            

Disney ABC Television


Design of the Back Lot Construction for the: Downtown Business District / and the Residential

Street / Disney Project Supervisor: Richard Ballering

IN PLAIN SIGHT - Production Designer • Permanent Sets & • Series 

Show Runner Executive Producer: David Maples / Executive Producer: Paul Stupin  

Studio Producer Mark Binke /  Line Producer: Clara George / Directors: Various

NBC Universal Television

CLOSE TO HOME - Production Designer • Permanent Sets & •  Series

Executive Producer Show runner: Eric Overmyer / Executive Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer

Producer Director: Matt Earl Beesley / Producer Director: Kevin Dowling 

Warner Bros. Television / CBS

BEHIND ENEMY LINES COLUMBIA - Production Designer • Movie

Director: Tim Matheson / Executive Producers: Jeff Freilich / Filmed in Puerto Rico

20th Century Fox

HERO’S WELCOME -  Production Designer • Pilot 

Writer-Director: Gavin Bowden / Executive Producer: Arthur Smith / Line Producer: Kent Weed

CBS Productions

SMITH – Pilot - Art Director

Executive Producer: John Wells / Director: Chris Chulack

Warner Bros. Television

EYESPilot & Permanent Sets - Art Director

Executive Producer Show runner: John McNamara / Producer: Aaron Zelman

Line Producer: Lewis / Director: Various

Warner Bros. Television

C.S.I. NEW YORK - Redesign of Permanent Sets - Art Director

Executive Producer: Carol Mendelssohn / Executive Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer  

Producer: Jonathan Littman / Director: Various

CBS Productions

NORTH SHORE - Permanent Sets - Art Director

Executive Producer: Chris Brancato / Producer: Bert Salke / Director: Various

20th Century Fox

E.R. - Art Director   

Producers: Carol Flint, Lydia Woodward / Director Chris Chulack

Warner Bros. Television

THE PUNISHERArt Director / Conceptual Illustrator • Movie           

Director: Jonathan Hensleigh / Producer: Gale Anne Hurd

Exec. Producer Producer: Andrew Golov 

Lionsgate Artisan 

MURDER BOOK -  Art Director - Pilot                                                                                                                                      

Executive Producer: Chris Brancato / Director: Antoine Fuqua 

20th Century Fox

Wild Hogs - Conceptual Illustrator - Movie

Director: Walt Becker/ Prod: Michael Tollin  

Touchstone Pictures

BE COOL - Conceptual Illustrator - Movie

Director: Gary Gray / Producer: Danny DeVito, Elmore Leonard, Michael Siegel

MGM Films

STUCK ON YOU – Asst. Art Director/ Conceptual Illustrator - Movie

Producer Director: Farrelly Brothers / Producer: Marc S. Fischer 

20th Century Fox

STARSHIP TROOPERS 2 - Asst. Art Director/ Conceptual Illustrator - Movie

Director: Phil Tippett / Producer: Jon Davison / Producer: Glenn S. Gainor

Sony Pictures

THEN CAME JONES - Asst. Art Director - Pilot 

Executive Producer: Loucas George

Touchstone Television

PASSAGES - Production Designer - Pilot

Executive Producer Director: Barbara Koppel / Executive Producer: Joseph Lovett

Lifetime Television

OUT OF THE BOX - Production Designer Permanent Sets

Executive Producer: Douglas Love / Director: Various

Disney Channel 

TALENT POOL - Production Designer Permanent Sets                          

Executive Producer: Greg Koffman / Director: Various

Comedy Central

NICK HIT LIST - Production Designer Permanent Sets

Exec. Producer: Robert Small / Producer:Jim Burns/ Director: Various

Nickelodeon Television

MTV PIRATE TV - Production Designer Permanent Sets

Producer: David Kolin Producer: Deborah Liebling / Directors: Various

MTV Networks

COMMERCIALS • Production Designer for over 700 commercials

LOCATIONS WORKED: New York,  Los Angeles,  Atlanta,  Vancouver,  Toronto,  Amsterdam, South Africa,  Brazil,  Puerto Rico,  Florida, Texas,  New Mexico,  Hawaii,  Cleveland,  Pittsburgh

Other Design Work: Theatre and Opera Design, Children Illustration, Kids TV Shows, Restaurant, Office and Residential Design, Lighting Design, Puppet and Mascot Design